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sizzle / шипение, шипящий звук, возбуждение
имя существительное
hiss, hissing, sizzle, fizz, sizzling, effervescence
шипящий звук
fizzle, sizzle
excitation, excitement, agitation, stimulation, field, sizzle
hiss, sizzle, fizz, sputter, frizz, spit
burn, bake, scorch, anneal, roast, sizzle
incinerate, sizzle
имя существительное
a hissing sound, as of food frying or cooking.
the sizzle of hot dogs
(of food) make a hissing sound when frying or cooking.
the bacon began to sizzle in the pan
The showers have paused and the sun brushes the patio as the steaks and sausages sizzle on the grill.
the sizzle of hot dogs
the bacon began to sizzle in the pan
Lisa's vivacity and sense of humour help put sizzle into this segment.
She is known for stories with strong visual narratives, interesting secondary characters, accurate historical detail and love scenes with lots of sizzle .
One last stir over maximum heat to restore the sizzle and the meat was ready to turn straight onto heated plates.
In a place dominated by Olympic-sized egos, he was always one of the quiet ones, a guy without much sizzle , the kind of guy most of us in the news media usually ignored.
A good issue, but this is not a magazine with a lot of sizzle and budget so it can't help but feel like a beefed up fanzine at times.
For all its sizzle , it has, after twelve years, been unable to become much more than a rich man's diversion.
they simply sizzle as their affair develops