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sizeable / порядочного размера
имя прилагательное
порядочного размера
sizable, sizeable
имя прилагательное
fairly large.
a sizable proportion of the population
All told a sizeable sum was raised over the years and considerable service given to the community.
The match was played in springtime sunshine at the Dundalk Road venue to a sizeable crowd.
Both sides engaged in an entertaining encounter which drew applause from the sizeable crowd.
Nevertheless, the sizeable crowd was ready to rock by the time the band took to the stage.
Bidding to close the sizeable gap between her and Cian O'Connor, she put in a determined effort.
This points to some serious problems for a sizeable proportion of the working population.
Nobody can take it as guaranteed that just because you make a sizeable investment you will see a decent return.
Pubs had even ordered extra beer and glasses with a sizeable crowd expected.
He emphasized that a sizable proportion comprised fairly recent arrivals in the party.
Heroin use on a sizable scale is a fairly recent development in Limerick.