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sixty / шестьдесят
имя существительное
sixty, threescore
the number equivalent to the product of six and ten; ten more than fifty; 60.
a crew of sixty
Calla unfortunately had to drive sixty miles to the nearest library, which was in Buto.
A party of fifty to sixty men, women and children would take part in the harvesting, which was done in the early morning and late evening, to avoid the pollen being blown away.
Composers, musicians, artists and performers will converge on the city for a two week festival spanning fifty to sixty venues throughout the city.
there's a full stop after the sixty
The National Institutes of Health report that fifty to sixty percent of women consume less than half of the recommended amount of calcium.
that's sixty of them
there were sixty women
to the power of sixty
divide the result by sixty
they were doing sixty