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sixth / шестой
имя существительное
шестая часть
шестое число
constituting number six in a sequence; 6th.
her sixth novel
his sixth match this year
Some guys try to race you side by side for three or four laps, and they end up racing you for sixth place.
Dolphin had their share of problems last year before making a late surge and finishing in sixth position.
for the sixth time
But if we can finish around sixth position, it is good for the first year.
He is the only Cup driver who has finished every race and is in sixth place after finishing 20th Sunday at Dover.
she came sixth
Despite the closure, Yunus said that classes had to continue because next month the sixth graders would have an examination.
In 1997, pneumonia and influenza constituted the sixth leading cause of death in the United States.
Two hundred metres later, Mary crossed the finish line in sixth position, hardly a blip on the Olympic screen.