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sixpenny / дешевый
имя прилагательное
cheap, inexpensive, tatty, dime, sixpenny, gimcrack
имя прилагательное
costing or worth six pence, especially before decimalization (1971).
Woolworth's was a threepenny and sixpenny store then.
I bought a sixpenny box: Camembert never tasted so good again.
Woolworth's was a threepenny and sixpenny store then.
Toy horse and foot soldiers came in sixpenny or ninepenny boxes.
Penguin Books began a revolution in publishing with their sixpenny pocket paperbacks, and included in their early lists an edition of Shakespeare.
Elocution became a public and private pursuit as sixpenny manuals such as the Honourable Henry H's book sold thousands of copies.
She takes out a sixpenny piece and presses it into his warm little palm closing her fingers over the money, her fingers over his.