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sixfold / шестикратный
имя прилагательное
sixfold, sextuple
имя прилагательное
six times as great or as numerous.
a sixfold increase in their overheads
by six times; to six times the number or amount.
coal prices have risen sixfold
The total increase is more than sixfold .
During the twentieth century, the world's human population has tripled, but water use has increased sixfold .
Officers are desperate to reinforce the message that ecstasy kills, after medical researchers blamed a sixfold increase in deaths from the drug on the drop in its price.
In 200 years, the world's population has grown sixfold ; it could almost double again by 2050.
Survival from cardiac arrest can be increased sixfold by providing first line responders with defibrillators.
How were we supposed to increase the revenue another sixfold ?
In the past 20 years, the average salary has increased nearly sixfold from $225,600 to more than $1.25 million last season.
Foreign investment in the region has increased sixfold since 2001, according to the region's Economy Ministry.
Traffic has increased sixfold compared with 2000, thanks to the new car terminal exports and greatly increased container traffic.
The use of water increased sixfold over the past 70 years.