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six-pack / шесть пакетов
имя существительное
a pack of six cans of beer or soft drinks typically held together with a plastic fastener.
He yanked a cold can of Budweiser from the plastic ring holding the six-pack together.
a set of well-developed abdominal muscles.
six-pack abs
These are the plastic carrier rings that hold the cans in a six-pack together.
six-pack abs
He wasn't sporting a supermodel six-pack , but the muscles in his arms, and his abs were hard and visible.
You don't need a six-pack to have stomach muscles.
The next time you're packing for a picnic, perhaps you'll buy a box of wine instead of a six-pack of beer.
At this point, contract down on your six-pack and side abdominals.
I watched Jay pull off his shirt, up over his head, revealing well-toned muscles and a six-pack .
Men should remember that muscularity is not masculinity and that self-esteem is not built on a six-pack of abdominal muscles.
She didn't have highly defined muscles, a six-pack , or anything of the sort, probably because she didn't do weight training.
Stopping at a fast food place and ordering a meal to go and then driving passed a drug store, he stopped and grabbed a six-pack of beer.