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six / шесть
имя существительное
шестой номер
equivalent to the product of two and three; one more than five, or four less than ten; 6.
she's lived here six months
she's six
number six
To develop a sense of manliness, boys in rural areas are separated from their mothers at the age of six .
The Mental Health Review Board must conduct a review between four and six months after instigation of the order.
It was during my unsuccessful attempt to buy a cotton skirt in an American department store that I was told my hips were too large to fit into a size six .
she only wants six
New players aged between six and eight years are welcome at the club.
I see my mother leaving the house before six o'clock and I ask her where she going so early.
The idea of a separate six o'clock news bulletin for Scotland has been postponed for some time.
In fact, the order reached the hands of several officers only around six o'clock in the evening.