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sitting / заседание, сидение, сеанс
имя существительное
meeting, session, sitting, proceedings, seance
session, seance, sitting, house
имя прилагательное
sitting, seated, sejant
sedentary, sitting, sessile, sit-down
present, sitting
имя прилагательное
in a seated position.
Slowly slide your back down the wall until you are in a sitting position, as though seated on an imaginary chair.
(of an elected representative) current; present.
the resignation of the sitting congressman
(of a hen or other bird) settled on eggs for the purpose of incubating them.
If the sitting bird's body does not completely cover the nest, heat may also be lost to the air outside the nest.
имя существительное
a continuous period of being seated, especially when engaged in a particular activity.
the whole roast was eaten at one sitting
adopt or be in a position in which one's weight is supported by one's buttocks rather than one's feet and one's back is upright.
you'd better sit down
(of a legislature, committee, court of law, etc.) be engaged in its business.
Congress continued sitting until March 16
take (an examination).
pupils are required to sit nine subjects at GCSE
stay in someone's house while they are away and look after their house or pet.
Kelly had been cat-sitting for me
Howard knew he would never get it passed in a full sitting of parliament.
The 66-year-old had slipped into a sitting position with her legs straight out, leaving her waist deep in heavy mud.
Government officials said today's Parliament sitting may be very brief to accommodate the continuation of the crime talks.
I hope we will make early progress in the next sitting of Parliament.
He did not have the full sitting of parliament as he told Australians he would, only his cabinet met.
And sure, it is a lot to ask the average museum visitor to sit through eight films in one sitting .
You may also feel light-headed or dizzy, especially when moving from a lying or sitting position to standing up.
At breakfast the general was ‘merry and affable’ but the sitting was soon interrupted by the arrival of urgent dispatches.
A further rebuke took place during the first sitting of parliament.
Analysts predict he has a tough fight ahead to retain the seat, as it is rare for a sitting member to return.