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sitcom / комедия положений
имя существительное
комедия положений
sitcom, situation comedy
имя существительное
a situation comedy.
Certainly when Carla started out writing in the Sixties, there were very few women writing comedy or sitcoms led by women.
Not to mince words, this was an appalling sitcom , and how it lasted for four series beggars belief.
It was a sitcom , a workplace ensemble comedy set in a police station.
This was a laboured sitcom peopled by stereotypical characters in unlikely plots.
He has directed and written since 1979 and is about to appear in a new sitcom for BBC Scotland.
The producers experimented with a US sitcom style and the first two series of the new show were shot on film.
The series had a robust energy but was just too sour and downbeat to really work as a sitcom .
This was a so-so sitcom with ambitious but unconvincing dance numbers and wrestling action.
She has a diploma in dramatic writing and has also written a sitcom .
Paul has taken to his first sitcom like bingo's two little ducks to water.
It's always struck me that most successful sitcoms say great things about America.