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sit-in / сидячая забастовка, итальянская забастовка
имя существительное
сидячая забастовка
sit-in, sit-down strike
итальянская забастовка
sit-in, stay-in, stay-in strike
имя существительное
a form of protest in which demonstrators occupy a place, refusing to leave until their demands are met.
This was a time of rallies, demonstrations, sit-ins , walkouts, and protests of every kind, and the music reflected the spirit of the time.
The blockade follows demonstrations and a week-long sit-in and hunger strike at the regional office.
The strikers organised a sit-in demonstration and mass rally on July 9, the final day of the strike.
A man is threatening to stage a sit-in at a hospital until he is given an operation to end nine months of agony.
It said that the demonstrations, sit-in s and hunger strikes have the result of disrupting social stability.
She wanted to preserve the brazen fighting spirit the students had exhibited in their sit-in protests.
Their protest language was manifested in the forms of marches, sit-ins , freedom rides, and boycotts.
Rallies, protests, sit-ins , and marches have today been held in the town centre.
In communities across the province, people will visit constituency offices to stage sit-ins or protest outside.
We expect university campuses to be occupied, and thousands of schoolchildren have pledged to stage sit-ins or demand debates.
There have been marches, protests, and sit-ins that have been put down by the police with force.