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sit / сидеть, заседать, находиться
sit, sit down, seat, fit, set, hang
sit, be in session, go into congress, be in conference
be, locate, reside, lie, exist, sit
stand, hold, sit
adopt or be in a position in which one's weight is supported by one's buttocks rather than one's feet and one's back is upright.
you'd better sit down
(of a legislature, committee, court of law, etc.) be engaged in its business.
Congress continued sitting until March 16
take (an examination).
pupils are required to sit nine subjects at GCSE
stay in someone's house while they are away and look after their house or pet.
Kelly had been cat-sitting for me
имя существительное
a period of sitting.
a sit in the shade
the way in which an item of clothing fits someone.
the sit of her gown
This Court does not sit as an ordinary Court of Criminal Appeal hearing appeals against convictions and sentences.
after a little sit in the sun
He'll sit a hot player like SF Marcus Fizer or PG A.J. Guyton for whole quarters despite the fact they are hot.
Coach Billy Donovan was not going to sit rookie sensation Matt Walsh or anybody else on his hot team and disturb the outstanding chemistry.
It looks like something out of a child's toy box: the old carriages are made of wood, painted a faded kingfisher blue, and they sit only ten people each.
Sometimes, a person dressed in the most expensive clothes can look like a fish out of water because his clothes do not sit well on him.
To settle me down, Hank would sit me down for a couple of hours after the game, have a beer and talk baseball.
She needs special chairs to support her back as she slowly learns to sit upright, as well as sensory equipment and a walker to help her develop.
you'd better sit down
they were determined that women jurists should sit on the tribunal