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sisterhood / родственная связь сестер, религиозная сестринская община
имя существительное
родственная связь сестер
религиозная сестринская община
имя существительное
the relationship between sisters.
There is no sisterhood among sisters here, only envy fuelled by despair.
an association, society, or community of women linked by a common interest, religion, or trade.
Religious brotherhoods and sisterhoods play an important role in organizing these ceremonies and festivals.
Many say a sense of sisterhood motivates them to protect other mothers from the fear and pain they have faced.
They're not bemoaning teenagers, fuelled by anger and betrayal; they are sisterhood driven by their sheer love of making music.
Our girls so need loving examples of sisterhood .
It was a magical evening of tears, laughter, and special feelings of connection, sisterhood , and joy in the beauty and the strength of women.
Anyone who has a sister, as I do, understands the mental, emotional and spiritual complexities that biological sisterhood imparts.
I really believe in sisterhood and going caving and rock-climbing together, it was so great to have their voices down the bottom going ‘come on, you can do it’.
Girls initiated together form a bond and this sisterhood lasts throughout their lives.
They based the ridiculous behaviour around the same conniving behaviour performed in the sisterhood of all elementary school girls.
The one thing that bonds us together is sisterhood .
The idea was to raise our consciousness and love ourselves until eventually sisterhood would be powerful enough to make us an army of lovers who could not fail.