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sister / сестра, сестренка, монахиня
имя существительное
sister, sib, sissy
sister, sis, sissy
nun, sister, conventual, votaress, cloistress, vestal
имя прилагательное
sister, sisterly, sororal
related, kindred, akin, sister, cognate, kin
pair, twin, double, companion, conjugate, sister
имя существительное
a woman or girl in relation to other daughters and sons of her parents.
There was one room for my nine brothers and sisters and my parents.
a senior female nurse, typically in charge of a ward.
The public consultation called for a ‘modern matron figure’ in hospitals, and ward sisters or charge nurses will be given authority to resolve clinical issues.
Three educational institutions have adopted two brothers and a sister who lost their parents in a tragic fire accident.
He and his younger twin sister had sneaked out of the palace many times, disguised as peasants.
An extremely quiet and gentle girl she went to Dublin with her sister after their parents passed away.
The princess is the chair of the sister organization in the United Kingdom.
Its sister organizations throughout Texas will try to bring the state total to 500,000.
Eastern's sister airline, Continental
The charity, which has sister organisations in America and Australia, has chosen the village to start its operation in this country.
It is great to see our sister organization from across the Atlantic continue to grow and prosper.
At the final patient's bed the ward sister drew back the curtains to reveal a patient sitting at the edge of the bed with his head tilted forward and pinching the tip of his nose.
Securicor and its sister company Securicor Services