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sisal / сизаль
имя существительное
имя существительное
a Mexican agave with large fleshy leaves, cultivated for fiber production.
Other products used are sisal and ficus leaves, as well as discarded cotton, usually from worn cotton sheets from hospitals.
Some commercial agricultural products, such as sisal , coffee, and cotton, are sold.
A 6 x 7 wire line was six strands of seven wires each, closed in a spiral direction around a fiber core, usually Manila or sisal .
Commercial farming of cotton, pineapples, and sisal has had little success.
If you get a scratching post or even better a cat condo that usually have both wood and wood covered with sisal and carpet, the likelihood that the cat would find a surface to use is very good.
A hot, wet coastal plain rises through thick forest and areas planted with sisal to a warm plateau.
The floor could be cool polished or varnished wood, with natural fibre rugs or coverings in seagrass, sisal or coir to give warmth.
The delicate fabrics contrast with the coarsely woven sisal rug in the living room.
From 1890, he spent seven years unsuccessfully running his father's sisal plantation in the Bahamas.
Born at Kitwe, he worked on a sisal plantation and rose to become a financial manager.
Originally hammocks were made from the bark of the hamack tree, later from the sisal plant whose fibres could be softened and woven.