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sirloin / филей, филейная часть
имя существительное
sirloin, tenderloin, fillet, filet, chine, a cut from the joint
филейная часть
loin, sirloin, chump
имя существительное
the choicer part of a loin of beef.
fresh sirloin steaks
Michael sat across the table from Rodhart, watching the latter having supper that consisted of sirloin steak, and baked beans, and a glass of red wine.
I took her to the grill house and ordered two large sirloin steaks.
On the menu, panini, fajitas and nachos sit alongside Thai fish cakes, sirloin steaks and daily specials using local, seasonal produce whenever possible.
For main course, Karin had selected sirloin steak with black pepper sauce.
fresh sirloin steaks
Beef is perfect for broiling, especially tender cuts like rib eye and sirloin .
The heavy eaters ate the equivalent of five quarter-pound burgers or one nine-ounce sirloin or round steak a week.
Beef sirloin is simply rubbed with garlic salt and pepper and grilled to medium-rare over red-oak coals.
A bowl of white rice and a small serving of fish soup with seaweed follow, just in time to accompany the main dish, be it sirloin or tenderloin steak, mutton, chicken or cod.
Beef often gets denounced for contributing to health problems, but much of this risk can be minimized by choosing such cuts as top sirloin and filet mignon.