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sire / сир, отец, ваше величество
имя существительное
father, sire, pater, begetter, governor
ваше величество
быть производителем
имя существительное
the male parent of an animal, especially a stallion or bull kept for breeding.
Four Brahman and four Angus sires were rotated among breeding pastures in both forage systems each year.
a respectful form of address for someone of high social status, especially a king.
We honestly did not know we had trespassed on your lands, sire .
be the male parent of (an animal).
We conclude that the chicks were sired by extrapair males.
the sire is one of the country's top thoroughbred stallions
In biological terms, men can sire hundreds of children in their lives, but this biological ability is limited by the fact that no one woman can keep pace.
With his fine breeding on his sire 's side, this bull should bring in a lot of money.
It is well known that if a trait is heritable, the easiest and most practical way to change the trait in a herd of cattle is through selection of the sire .
Some males sire many offspring, and many males sire no offspring, a dynamic that intensifies male-male competition.
Not only social mating success but also the ability of males to sire offspring is related to the expression of secondary sexual characters.
Quadratic is the sire of three current stallions led by Home At Last, who stands at Nuckols Farm in Kentucky for $2,500.
The higher the concentration of dioxin in the serum of exposed males, the less likely they were to sire a male child.
At the age of 12 months, a healthy male deer can sire 2 to 3 calves from a female in nine months.
When few or no ancestors are common to the sire and dam, the breeding is known as an outcross.