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sip / глоток, маленький глоток
имя существительное
sip, drink, gulp, mouthful, swallow, draft
маленький глоток
sip, sup
sip, sup
пить маленькими глотками
имя существительное
a small mouthful of liquid.
she took a sip of the red wine
drink (something) by taking small mouthfuls.
I sat sipping coffee
He watched as she finished the last of her hot dog and took a sip of her Coke.
Rose placed the carton back in its place and took a sip of the fresh liquid, satisfying her thirst.
He took a sip of water and tossed a few tablets into his mouth before taking another swig from the bottle.
I took a sip of my soda, staring at the plain white plastic lid, completely ignoring him.
He took a sip of his whiskey and waited for the man's chortles to subside.
I took a sip of the warm liquid and suddenly gulped as a thought hit me.
Every morning I sit on my roof, sip coffee, feed the pigeons, and gaze at the Manhattan skyline.
Ally took a sip of her mocha, now that it had a little time to cool off.
It is healthier to sip a cup of tea several times a day rather than down it all at once.
I took a sip of my Coke because I needed to do something with myself.