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sinus / синус, пазуха, свищ
имя существительное
sinus, sine, ogee
sinus, bosom, axil, axilla, hollow
fistula, syrinx, sinus, hole, crack, knot
имя существительное
a cavity within a bone or other tissue, especially one in the bones of the face or skull connecting with the nasal cavities.
Your sinuses are hollow spaces within the bones of your face, behind and above your nose.
relating to or denoting the sinoatrial node of the heart or its function as a pacemaker.
sinus rhythm
sinus rhythm
sinus tachycardia
sinus rhythm
A normal heart rhythm is one in which each heartbeat originates in the sinus node and proceeds normally through the rest of the body's electric conduction system.
The sinus node can increase your heart rate during times of high demand, such as during exercise.
Although this medicine has been used to treat heart failure for more than 200 years, its role in patients with congestive heart failure and sinus rhythm is still debatable.
Pneumonia, bronchitis, and sinus and ear infections are three examples of complications from flu.
Electrodes positioned at various sites in the heart can give only limited data about intracardiac conduction during sinus rhythm at rest.
Sinus dysrhythmia refers to a malfunction of the sinus node, the heart's natural pacemaker.
sinus tachycardia