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sinuous / извилистый, волнообразный, сложный
имя прилагательное
winding, tortuous, meandering, sinuous, convoluted, serpentine
wavy, undulatory, sinuous, undulate, undulant, ripply
complex, complicated, sophisticated, compound, intricate, sinuous
имя прилагательное
having many curves and turns.
the river follows a sinuous trail through the forest
Smoke rose from the piece's mouth, trailing upward in a sinuous line before disappearing into thin air.
He approached the girl, his movement so sinuous , so lithe; Cora wondered that no one else stared.
The battlefield diminished behind us as we snaked down a sinuous road.
The catwalk was illuminated beautifully to highlight the embroidery and sequin work on the garments displayed by the sinuous models.
Ribbons can be more or less straight, sinuous , twisted, or convoluted.
The pale blue concrete countertop traces a sinuous curve around one corner to create a breakfast area near the family room.
Its design studio has to style cars with the sinuous , feline grace that defines the brand, while making sure new offerings look fresh.
On the left side, a sinuous twig curves from the stem base around the back of the bowl.
Monochrome blocks, representing single species planting, undulate in sinuous curves of primary colour reminiscent of Miro or Arp.
The lights focus in on the stage to highlight the sinuous muscles of the three men rising and turning in an avant-garde mix of movement over break beat.