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sinology / китаеведение, синология
имя существительное
имя существительное
the study of Chinese language, history, customs, and politics.
His studies in sinology were set to bear fruit.
In December, 1814, a course in sinology was formally established in France, symbolizing the acceptance of sinology as an independent discipline within the Western academy.
Though a man holding a puppet isn't often taken seriously, he also holds a wealth of knowledge on Chinese and Taiwanese culture, gleaned from years of research in sinology .
Some of these men have studied sinology at a German university.
Herrou goes on to list the rules governing that existence, again citing various examples from the sinological literature and the ‘observances of Taoist life’, but gives few details on how the precepts are applied in the Wengong temple.
Both Chinese and Western sinologists trained primarily in Chinese language and culture can learn from the Western tradition of visual analysis.
The Sinological Institutes in Leiden, Paris, Copenhagen and other European sinological centres have acquired a great number of gazetteers, from both traditional and modern times.
Translation was left to a few eccentric sinologists or missionaries, whose main concern after all was to save a few pagan souls.
As Sweden's most prominent sinologist , he has translated as many as 700 pieces of Chinese works into Swedish, most of them ancient classics.
He is one of the West's leading sinologists and a member of the Swedish Academy.