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singularly / особенно, необыкновенно, в единственном числе
special, especially, particularly, notably, specifically, singularly
uncommon, remarkably, uncommonly, singularly, strangely, unco
в единственном числе
in a remarkable or noticeable way.
you have singularly failed to live up to your promises
At first we were much puzzled as to the origin and constitution of this extraordinary race, points upon which they were singularly uncommunicative.
I think there is something singularly distinctive about the Irish psyche.
They hid me one night in the flat of this sweet old lady, and she showed me photographs of some singularly unattractive children.
Charlotte thought her very strange-looking and singularly dressed.
Despite natural disasters, despite environmental anxieties, despite the dangers from terrorists, we live in singularly fortunate times.
The hunger for mainland technology stocks reflects the cold reality that alternative investments in the United States look singularly unattractive.
But, strategically, it was singularly ill-equipped to live with the kind of wholesale prices that have been reality here for the past few years.
But of the home favourites, it is Senior who is best placed to give the galleries what they want and he is holding his game together this week in a way that he singularly failed to do on his last outing.
They can seem crusty, Eighties phenomena who have singularly failed to get out of their pinstripes, Jermyn Street shirts and carefully-knotted ties.
He is an extraordinary man from singularly outstanding origins.