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singular / исключительный, единственный, своеобразный
имя прилагательное
exceptional, exclusive, only, sole, extraordinary, singular
only, single, sole, singular, one, exclusive
peculiar, singular, sui generis, idiomatic, idiomatical
имя существительное
единственное число
слово в единственном числе
имя прилагательное
exceptionally good or great; remarkable.
the singular beauty of the desert
(of a word or form) denoting or referring to just one person or thing.
In American English, collective nouns usually take a singular verb.
single; unique.
she always thought of herself as singular, as his only daughter
имя существительное
the singular form of a word.
the first person singular
They are reputed persons of a singular , wayward, and eccentric character.
With the singular exception of Chennai, cricket crowds all over India have forgotten how to applaud good cricket played by the other side.
And because of this singular fact, every single published estimate of Social Security income and outgo is just plain wrong.
Discarding the traditional method of drawing portraits, Mr. Eby has developed an exceptionally singular style of directly employing colour with the brush on the canvas.
‘Please inform the writers that the names of teams take the singular verb,’ he says.
There are other singular words for classes or units of people.
In the pantheon of U2 acolytes, McCormick occupies a singular position, uniquely privileged, tormented and compromised.
Plans are conceived of as singular intentions, regarded as incongruous within a diverse society.
Yasmine said that it was her singular good fortune to meet the ideal literary editor.
The Beatles were four distinct personalities joined as a singular force in the rebellious 1960s, influencing everything from hair styles to music.