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singleton / одиночка, единичный предмет, единственная карта данной масти
имя существительное
loner, singleton, one, single person, one-aloner
единичный предмет
единственная карта данной масти
имя прилагательное
не имеющий пары
unpaired, singleton
имя существительное
a single person or thing of the kind under consideration.
splitting the clumps of plants into singletons
Of the 322,704 live singleton births during the study period, 8,938 were linked to a motor vehicle crash during pregnancy.
If you have a singleton or void suit, you take a big risk that the declarer will find lots of cards of this suit in the talon when he exchanges, and your partner's stop in the suit might not be enough to beat the contract.
While the chance of a cesarean delivery is higher in twin than in singleton births, about half of women expecting twins can have a normal vaginal delivery.
a singleton spade
singleton boys
The intrauterine environment is also different in multiple pregnancy compared with singleton pregnancy.
declarer drew trumps, finding that West had a singleton
singleton boys
The set-theorist Ernst Zermelo proposed that the number is the empty set and for each number n, the successor of n is the singleton of n, so that 1 is, 2 is, 3 is, etc.
During the study, more than 900,000 live singleton births were recorded, giving an incidence of four per 1,000 live infants born with a short umbilical cord.