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singlet / майка, фуфайка, тельняшка
имя существительное
jersey, singlet
frock, singlet
имя существительное
a sleeveless garment worn under or instead of a shirt.
Equally as beautiful as his womenswear, this featured plain white singlets studded with gold sequins, low-slung cream trousers and kimono print shirts.
a single unresolvable line in a spectrum, not part of a multiplet.
To break supersymmetry using the F-term, one can add chiral multiplets that transform as singlets under the gauge symmetries in the theory.
Tommy is wearing a baseball cap, a singlet and combat shorts, revealing several tattoos.
The singlet is detectable as a quintet at room temperature in methemoglobin with identical spectral features to those of the well characterized tyrosyl radical in photosystem II.
A small singlet -triplet energy gap is known to favor intersystem crossing.
Energy can be transferred from the singlet state to the triplet state via intersystem crossing.
Its superconductivity is often assumed to be unconventional in that the Cooper pairs are not in a spin singlet state with s-wave symmetry, as with conventional superconductors.
However, reactive oxygen species generated by UVA radiation, particularly singlet oxygen, can also damage nucleic acids.
Winter has settled in, you're not wearing a singlet under your business shirt and you have your first sneeze… she thinks you caught pneumonia and you're going to die.
The reorganizational energy of the singlet ET was also calculated from the temperature-dependent data and found to be 0.89 eV.
The study of the excited states properties has shown that its photoreactivity in neutral aqueous medium is singlet initiated.
singlet oxygen