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single-handed / без посторонней помощи
без посторонней помощи
alone, single-handed
имя прилагательное
one-armed, one-handed, single-handed
сделанный без посторонней помощи
управляемый одной рукой
done without help from anyone else.
sailing single-handed around the world
done or designed to be used with one hand.
the tool is easy to use single-handed
Her own mother, bringing two children up single-handed after the war after her second husband was killed in the fighting, had a ‘rotten, rough time’.
How can he possibly fend for himself at all, let alone manage quite literally single-handed for 30 years?
The defining image of the movie showed actor Gary Lewis struggling under the weight of his beloved ma's coffin which he tries to carry single-handed from the hearse to the grave.
The authors said concern about single-handed doctors had long been expressed but ‘we have found no evidence in this study that single-handed general practitioners are under-performing clinically’.
The code will recommend practices such as a maximum breaking strain of line, hook size of no more than 14, and the use of a single-handed rod.
But he was offered a job back at his old firm and gradually learnt how to use adaptive technologies such as single-handed keyboards, tracking balls and IBM's voice-recognition software.
I left with no doubt in my mind at all that this was a man who, single-handed , changed the course of popular music forever.
Out of the current five yacht races that circumnavigate the globe, only Around Alone and the non-stop Vendee Globe are single-handed .
Most notable of all, he has, almost single-handed , tamed the once all-powerful military and established civilian supremacy in the government.
It was only when I was about 17 that I realised that all the books I had were about single-handed sailing.