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singer / певец, певица, бард
имя существительное
singer, bard, minstrel, vocalist, songster, troubadour
singer, songstress, vocalist, canary
bard, singer, swan, scop
имя существительное
a person who sings, especially professionally.
a pop singer
lead singer
Had he not made a career from mathematics he could well have made his profession as an opera singer .
traditional singer
She was also a gifted singer and could sing French opera arias in perfect pitch.
a pop singer
Josquin was a singer by profession, and virtually all his music is vocal in conception.
a pop singer
Brenda is a fantastic singer , but not really a pop star, and Maria is nice but a little bit bland.
Back in Bulgaria, Elena had been a pop singer , performing in bars and cabaret clubs.
There is scope for variety as new singers are also making an impact in the industry.