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singe / ожог, поверхностный ожог
имя существительное
burn, scorch, scald, singe, sting, sear
поверхностный ожог
scorch, singe, sear, sere, swinge
scorch, fire, burn, pop off, pop, singe
singe, scorch
burn, singe
scorch, singe
имя существительное
a superficial burn.
The woman, aged 39, was able to walk to the ambulance before being taken to hospital with minor burns and singes .
burn (something) superficially or lightly.
the fire had singed his eyebrows
There wasn't a scratch or a singe on any of the vehicles.
Butter-sautéed beef on a vinaigrette-laced green salad was tough and tasted of weary oil; so-called ginger snow peas with tofu tasted mainly of carbonized singe and incinerated red onion.
The comments would fair make your ear hair singe .
the heat was so intense I could feel the hairs on my hands singe
That's right, it's because we're human… we bleed when we're cut, we singe when we're burnt, and it all leaves so many little dents and scars.
Try not to set your sheets on fire or singe your eyebrows.
The uninsistently salt-and-peppery seasoning was spot on; the slightly charry singe on the crust just so.
The singe mark, that had started to grow in, was sizzling and hissing again.
Olivia let the cigarette burn down and singe her finger slightly.
L.C. Armstrong is known for abstract paintings that incorporate singe marks, which she forms by laying lengths of bomb fuse on the canvas, igniting them and holding them in place while they burn.