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sincerity / искренность, честность
имя существительное
sincerity, candor, frankness, genuineness, candidness, heartiness
honesty, integrity, fairness, probity, honor, sincerity
имя существительное
the quality of being free from pretense, deceit, or hypocrisy.
the sincerity of his beliefs is unquestionable
Many thanks for taking the trouble to reply again; we very much appreciate your sincerity and candour.
One must admire the quality of sincerity that Anita brings to her poetry.
Ask him whether he can say, with honesty and sincerity , that he is happy.
The picture has style, but also a sincerity of sentiment that gives it distinction.
the sincerity of his beliefs is unquestionable
So far as I could tell, these people's problems were not due to lack of sincerity or earnestness.
His dark eyes stared back, full of rawness, honesty and uncompromising sincerity .
His sincerity , honesty, and determination cannot be challenged, nor can the unique value of his findings.
Dr. Sunya values credibility, honesty and sincerity as most important qualities.
The humanity is there but depicted with such sincerity and lack of humour that it doesn't pierce the heart in the way that it should.