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since / с, после, со времени
with, from, in, since, against, off
after, following, since, upon, beyond, on
со времени
since, so far as, as far as, as long as
с тех пор
since, syne
тому назад
ago, back, since, away back, some time ago, syne
since, so far as, as long as, whereas, in so far as, as much as
так как
as, since, because, inasmuch as, in that, being that
с тех пор как
since, ever since, ever after, syne
in the intervening period between (the time mentioned) and the time under consideration, typically the present.
she has suffered from depression since she was sixteen
for the reason that: because.
delegates were delighted, since better protection of rhino reserves will help protect other rare species
the settlement had vanished long since
I met him there a few days since
My father who started the business has long since given up trying to make me like him.
Presumably it's a joke, but taken to such an extent that it's long since ceased to be one.
Too much has happened in the period since .
The guards behind her had long since left and Ashley stared at the entrance with longing.
since you're here
The property had been empty since last July but a couple of weeks ago his daughter moved in.
That fabric has long since been sundered and social anarchy has been the consequence.
railings have since been added
The government has long since given up trying to reduce the propensity to commit crime.