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simultaneous / одновременный, симультанный
имя прилагательное
simultaneous, contemporaneous, synchronous, contemporary
имя прилагательное
occurring, operating, or done at the same time.
a simultaneous withdrawal of all troops
As campaigners flooded through London, countries around the globe held simultaneous protests.
simultaneous broadcast
It is thought that this is the first time a husband and wife have taken simultaneous command appointments at wing commander rank.
Rapid economic growth may lead to the simultaneous increase of both poverty and inequality.
simultaneous with sth
Two simultaneous articles means the there's enough buzz on the street to merit a higher word count.
It is more likely to happen with three simultaneous live infections.
This year's event also boasts simultaneous sister parties in London and Tokyo.
This will lead to the simultaneous withdrawal of the armies of both the countries from the borders.
These episodes are all redolent of the simultaneous narrow focus and immense reach of Kiarostami's art.