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simulcast / одновременной передачи
имя существительное
a simultaneous transmission of the same program on radio and television, or on two or more channels.
Local television news stations had non-stop coverage during Hurricane Frances and kept those without power informed through radio simulcasts .
broadcast (a simulcast transmission).
the show will be simulcast live to 201 countries
TNT's final wrestling telecast included an unprecedented simulcast with WWF's Raw Is War on TNN Monday night.
We're being simulcast on CNN International and Radio.
He has spewed out vile bigotry on his morning show that's nationally simulcast on radio and television.
In a unique simulcast between Radio 2 and Radio 5 Live, one lucky listener will win what the BBC calls ‘the prize of a lifetime’.
I watch the races being simulcast from Delaware Park.
a Radio1/BBC2 simulcast
The channel will be co-presented from locations including Kuwait, Amman and Washington and will be simulcast on BBC ONE or TWO during daytime and peak-time, whenever there are significant developments.
BBC ONE will return to News 24 simulcast from 1.00 am.
First as we go on let me remind you that this three hour program is being simulcast on CNN International and on CNN Radio.
It will usually go into the new ITV London studio until the simulcast is over.