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simulate / имитировать, моделировать, симулировать
simulate, mimic, imitate, mime
simulate, model, fashion
simulate, pretend, feign, sham, assume, dissimulate
imitate the appearance or character of.
red ocher intended to simulate blood
it was impossible to force a smile, to simulate pleasure
A series of fans help even out the temperature and simulate a natural growing environment, a series of lights prevents dormancy and a series of sensors control the irrigation system.
It's not easy to simulate their inner confidence while on national television, but it won't hurt to try.
Under the opulent chandelier of the Continental Hotel, well-heeled characters try to simulate bourgeois normality in a world of chaotic street battles and high-level skulduggery.
Spielberg's films have the advantage of comparison, between live actors, who simulate terror, and monstrous reptiles that look so real you hold your breath when close to them.
The spaces are designed to make the visitor feel disoriented, to simulate the feeling of those who were exiled.
Instead of having them don fake beards to simulate age, he allows their youthful appetite for experiment to emerge.
With a slogan in the imperative for every page, each designed to stimulate or simulate happiness, the calendar is a study in conventional contentment.
In a first for a TV series, the actors were filmed on parabolic flights to simulate zero gravity conditions so that they really are floating weightless in some of the scenes.
Concrete countertops and concrete carved to simulate rockwork are some of the more interesting and high-profile applications of decorative concrete.