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simply / просто, только, попросту
just, simply, merely, barely
only, alone, but, merely, solely, simply
simply, without ceremony
in a straightforward or plain manner.
speaking simply and from the heart
merely; just.
simply complete the application form
it makes Trevor simply furious
Less intelligent creatures would simply sit and wait for the weather to improve.
they're quite simply the best
She says fritters cooked simply is the best way to make it so it retains its unique flavour.
He pointed out simply and clearly that she had been a great player - and that she still was.
They do not change simply because new government directives tell us to do things differently.
To continue the walk from the rock outcrops simply head straight on along the ridge.
This is simply not true, as a quick look at his latest Spectator article will demonstrate.
this isn't simply a question of time
There is simply insufficient evidence before me as to the true cause of the failure of Wines.