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simple / простой, несложный, простодушный
имя прилагательное
plain, simple, ordinary, elementary, idle, common
simple, foolproof, onefold, dolly, low-tech
simple, ingenuous, artless, innocent, unsophisticated, guileless
имя существительное
simpleton, simple, sucker, coot, noddy, innocent
простой человек
commoner, simple, Tom
ignoramus, illiterate, simple, ass, know-nothing
имя прилагательное
easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty.
a simple solution
composed of a single element; not compound.
That way you can upgrade your patient's break from a simple to a compound fracture and claim more money from the insurance company.
of or characteristic of low rank or status; humble and unpretentious.
a simple Buddhist monk
of low or abnormally low intelligence.
Marx always emphasised that we can learn more from intelligent conservatives than from simple liberals.
имя существительное
a medicinal herb, or a medicine made from one.
the gatherers of simples
He searched for finite simple groups and in an 1892 paper he showed that all simple groups up to order 200 are already known.
it's a simple matter of money
The interest rolls up in the units you buy, so you actually get capital gain on your units rather than simple interest.
The ‘eye’ could not see any of the bombings for the simple reason that tall buildings block it.
All the fundamental paradoxes are true for one simple reason: they are truths.
In it he determined the minimal simple finite groups, this is to say, the simple groups whose proper subgroups are solvable.
The lender would then sue and only be entitled to simple interest on the judgment.
They lived a similar humble and simple life, before both being assassinated by the British Royal Family.
The solution to all this complexity cannot be more complexity; we must find a more elegant and simple solution.
The simple truth is that we can't have it all all the time.