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simper / булькать, притворно или глупо улыбаться, с трудом сдерживать смех
gurgle, simper, simmer, guggle
притворно или глупо улыбаться
с трудом сдерживать смех
имя существительное
жеманная улыбка
smirk, simper
имя существительное
an affectedly coquettish, coy, or ingratiating smile or gesture.
an exaggerated simper
smile or gesture in an affectedly coquettish, coy, or ingratiating manner.
she simpered, looking pleased with herself
A small simper crept onto his lips which soon turned into a grin, showing off a row of perfect teeth.
an exaggerated simper
Something made me turn back, I had to talk to the man who makes politicians, generals, statesmen, policy makers, backroom boys, show biz people squirm, simper , and sob.
She grinned her contorted simper .
She gazed at Sebastian with disinterest, that same simper on her face.
He shrugged his shoulders for a moment before locking eyes, allowing a simper to play on his face.
He smiled a sickly simper , eyeing the rabbit with more contempt by the minute.
Kimberly finished her peroration, at last, and then folded her arms, promised to try harder in her school work, and sat back in her chair with a smuggish simper on her face.
Victoria took on a confused, as well as slightly amused simper .
The man could brood and simper all he liked around me!