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simony / симония
имя существительное
имя существительное
the buying or selling of ecclesiastical privileges, for example pardons or benefices.
He also outlawed simony , the practice of buying and selling church posts.
Here, it was a question of uniformity of liturgical observance, of conformity to what Turgot called ‘the universal custom of holy church’ rather than of Gregorian reform in the sense of attacks on simony and clerical marriage.
He also outlawed simony , the practice of buying and selling church posts.
The Council passed reforming decrees in keeping with the Cluniac reform movement, including ones concerning simony and clerical marriage.
To manipulate religious conviction into a political commodity is a contemporary form of simony .
Selling something that belonged to God constituted the sin of simony .
We had, to some extent, diminished the simoniacal and infamous trade in masses; but unfortunately we had not destroyed it; and I know that today it has revived.
The validity of priestly ordinations administered by simoniac bishops proved a serious problem, because most theologians held that simony prostituted the sacrament of ordination.
Clement died in 1314, and the poet predicts that he shall fall to the pocket of the simoniacal popes to cram down his predecessor Boniface VIII who came from the town of Anagni.
Dante sees there barrators, sowers of discord, counterfeiters, misusers of public funds, and simoniac popes.
The persecution by the simoniacal archbishop of Rheims, Manasses, hastened his resolve to enter a life of solitude.