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simmer / кипятить на медленном огне, закипать, кипеть на медленном огне
кипятить на медленном огне
simmer, begin to boil, simper
кипеть на медленном огне
имя существительное
медленное кипячение
имя существительное
a state or temperature just below the boiling point.
bring the water to a simmer
(of water or food) stay just below the boiling point while being heated.
the goulash was simmering slowly on the stove
simmer the sauce gently until thickened
Turn heat down to low and allow to simmer until pasta water comes to a boil.
Name all your ingredients with the correct measurements given and the length of time you would simmer the stew.
She came into the foyer, her arms crossed, ready to bring the boiling situation back down to a small simmer .
simmer the sauce gently until thickened
In a medium saucepan over medium heat, bring the chicken stock to a simmer and maintain the head.
Once at boiling point, lower to a simmer , cover and cook for about 25 minutes or until tender, then liquidise and check seasoning.
Place the dish over medium heat, and bring the liquid to a simmer .
You could also put a large panful of boiling salted water on to simmer gently so that it will come to the boil quickly at half-time.
Reduce your boiling water to a simmer , and plop two raw bagels in the water.