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similarly / так же, подобным образом
так же
same, the same way, similarly
подобным образом
similarly, in a like manner
in a similar way.
a similarly priced property
Generating a figure for mobile phone use would be similarly difficult.
The intimacy of the mobile phone creates a similarly fragmented network of communication and desire.
The last time was a couple of months ago, and it was similarly deadly.
In December, an Arab-American Secret Service agent was similarly banned from a flight.
A number of museums and galleries have suffered similarly in recent years.
a similarly priced property
Another has a similarly painted blue surface on which the artists have placed polystyrene to resemble ice.
This means that every new trough will be at a higher price and every new peak will be similarly higher.
This case is indistinguishable from Pirelli and must be decided similarly .
It would be no surprise to see others follow with similarly drastic measures if we are to avoid some heavy casualties.