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similar / подобный, похожий, сходный
имя прилагательное
like, similar, alike, corresponding, another, parallel
similar, like, resembling, alike, akin, twin
similar, cognate, analogous, kindred, salable, consimilar
имя существительное
copy, replica, duplicate, counterpart, carbon copy, similar
double, twin, counterpart, Doppelganger, fetch, similar
duplicate, counterpart, double, doublet, spare, similar
имя прилагательное
resembling without being identical.
a soft cheese similar to Brie
имя существительное
a person or thing similar to another.
In other words, if a normal person would say two images are essentially the same, they are " similars ."
a substance that produces effects resembling the symptoms of particular diseases (the basis of homeopathic treatment).
the principle of treatment by similars
Spawning takes place between October and December, and is very similar to that of the brown trout.
You will note that this list is very similar to the likely 18 centres that Turkey would need to win.
this is similar to what you said
This is because when it's canned, these fats are reduced to levels similar to white fish.
When the ratio is 1 then the similar triangles become congruent triangles (same shape and size).
After all a bully is somewhat similar to a stalker, they follow you, taunt you, frighten you.
This wide sweeping course is one of the newest on the circuit, and is very similar to Las Vegas and Michigan.
I had a similar experience
the second half started in a similar vein
gardening tools and other such similar products