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simian / обезьяний, обезьяноподобный
имя прилагательное
simian, apish, apelike, monkeyish
имя существительное
monkey, ape, simian, copycat, jocko, mimic
имя прилагательное
relating to, resembling, or affecting apes or monkeys.
simian immunodeficiency virus
имя существительное
an ape or monkey.
We call these creatures Pro simians (meaning before the simians or apes).
The final tenth chapter recapitulates the similarities between leaders of human and simian societies, and provides a speculative discussion of the inevitability of war.
He later learned that a simian cytomegalic virus had been found in all of the 11 African green monkeys imported for production of the polio vaccine.
A polymerase chain reaction analysis for simian virus 40 DNA was negative.
Recent studies have also shown the simian virus 40 to be present in up to 60% of all mesotheliomas.
HIV in all likelihood arose by adaptation of a closely related virus in a simian species.
Researchers have identified simian immunodeficiency virus in wild apes for the first time.
Some sooty mangabeys in the wild are still infected with the simian version of HIV, called SIV, but the disease doesn't typically kill them.
The simian immunodeficiency virus destabilizes lamellar and promotes hexagonal phase, leading to the speculation that it has an effective negative intrinsic curvature.
In October, Science published the results of research conducted in the United States and Switzerland that managed to block transmission of the simian HIV in macaque monkeys.
They found the gel protected the macaques from infection with the simian HIV virus for more than seven hours.