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silversmith / серебряных дел мастер
имя существительное
серебряных дел мастер
имя существительное
a person who makes silver articles.
He discussed silversmiths and silver and gold beating… and the tools of these craftsmen, their technical vocabulary, what raw materials they used, and finally he returned to the salt cellar.
Navajo silversmithing dates from 1853, when a Mexican silversmith arrived at Fort Defiance in what is now Arizona.
He trained as a silversmith at the Zurich School of Arts and Crafts, 1924-7, but after hearing a lecture by Le Corbusier he decided to turn to architecture.
For most of my early life, I worked as a silversmith and lectured at Glasgow School of Art in silversmithing and jewellery.
In the nineteenth century, Joseph Mayer was one of Liverpool's most prominent citizens as well as a respected silversmith .
Foster trained as a silversmith and has an established reputation both as a designer and metalworker.
Hogarth started an apprenticeship as a silversmith in 1714, but never finished it.
Many of them were skilled artisans, such as silversmiths , masons, milliners, cobblers, singers and tailors.
There are usually ten from which to choose, including cabochon making, faceting, silversmithing , wirewrapping, micromounting, competitive exhibit judging, and many others.
Engraving was delicate, and silversmiths often used stippling and bright cutting, which could make the piercing seem more airy.
The exhibition - called Ripple - features the work of 16 artists from all over Britain, including painters, silversmiths , print makers, ceramicists and metal workers.