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silver / серебро, деньги, серебряные изделия
имя существительное
silver, argent, siller
money, cash, currency, dollars, coin, silver
серебряные изделия
silverware, silver
имя прилагательное
silver, argent, silvern, argentine
silver, silvery, argent, white, argentine, blanch
gray, white, hoary, grizzled, silver, hoar
silver, silver-plate, go grey
покрывать амальгамой ртути
имя прилагательное
denoting a twenty-fifth anniversary.
In honor of the Opera's Silver Anniversary, we are asking all opera lovers to make a special gift of just $25.
имя существительное
a precious shiny grayish-white metal, the chemical element of atomic number 47.
Beryllium, calcium, silver and antimony have no appreciable effect on mechanical properties.
a shiny gray-white color or appearance like that of silver.
the dark hair was now highlighted with silver
silver dishes, containers, or cutlery.
thieves stole $5,000 worth of silver
coins made from silver or from a metal that resembles silver.
I tend to pick out the one pound coins and the silver to buy my lunch the next day so generally it's just the coppers that are left.
coat or plate with silver.
large silvered candlesticks
The brushtail possum has a fur similar in quality to mink and colours range from silver to red brown to dark brown.
I remember looking into one and seeing a little dining table laid out with tiny silver cutlery.
The moonlight grew brighter, like silver when it is polished.
a silver necklace
The octagonal shelter, which is coloured purple and silver , has seats and roof.
Phelps found that his gold watch, the family silver and his loose cash were in plain sight, but had been left alone.
Pale blond hair that was wispy and starting to silver with her age loosely framed her face.
Beryllium, calcium, silver and antimony have no appreciable effect on mechanical properties.
Its most common ore is sylvanite, a complex combination of gold, silver , and tellurium.
It is like giving somebody you meet in the street your house key, not changing the locks and then being surprised when the family silver goes missing.