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silo / силос, силосная яма или башня
имя существительное
silage, silo, ensilage, bunker
силосная яма или башня
ensile, silo
имя существительное
a tower or pit on a farm used to store grain.
Just as I imagined it, with cows everywhere and lots of farms, silos , grain elevators, lakes - the whole nine yards.
an underground chamber in which a guided missile is kept ready for firing.
This system allowed Looking Glass to transmit launch codes to the intercontinental ballistic missiles in their underground silos should ground launch control centers become disabled.
a system, process, department, etc. that operates in isolation from others.
it's vital that team members step out of their silos and start working together
isolate (one system, process, department, etc.) from others.
most companies have expensive IT systems they have developed over the years, but they are siloed
He came up with the idea for converting the grain silo while converting the barn next door to his home in Long Compton.
we have made significant strides in breaking down that silo mentality
For employees whose entire careers have played out within the shelter of one functional silo , this is a fearsome prospect.
we have made significant strides in breaking down that silo mentality
Henchmen are known as the ‘can do’ guys, the utility workers who have no problem mopping the nuclear missile silo one moment and then getting beaten up by superheroes the next.
There are many public concerns about the safety of food products, from the farm to the silo , from the paddock to the abattoir, and from the food processors to the supermarket and eventually the dinner plate at home.
In August 1965, a civilian crew was working underground in the silo of this missile site and a fire erupted, killing 53 workers.
Such owners could be the farms, the silo owners, or other companies storing the goods in their warehouses.
Farmer George has just obtained planning permission to erect a corn silo on the farm and Dan Dill believes that this will spoil his view.
The computing tier of data centers still looks like a collection of hardwired boxes, each dedicated to a specific application silo .