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sill / подоконник, порог, лежень
имя существительное
windowsill, sill, sill rail
threshold, doorstep, sill, step, riffle, lip
sill, mudsill, sole, groundsel, log, groundsill
имя существительное
a shelf or slab of stone, wood, or metal at the foot of a window or doorway.
The designer suggested shortening window openings on one side of the kitchen, where sills were only 2 feet from the floor.
Pay special attention to the bottom where the weather strip meets the sill .
Lounging on the sill of the opposite window was a figure all dressed in black.
Never be afraid to fish the turbulent, white water directly beneath the sill , for the water along the bottom may be quite calm in comparison to the surface.
I've got substantial front-end damage - bumper, bonnet, cross-member and sill .
Night deepened, and she sat by the window on the sill .
Taking that as a friendly gesture, I leaned closer, but he panicked and scurried into the crack between the window sash and the sill .
Having just removed a concrete set of steps on the front of the house, a small section of sill about two feet is rotted about halfway through.
Wide metal door sills and soft-blue ambient lighting welcome you into the car.
Scattered everywhere on sills , shelves, tables, and books are lapidary specimens.
Built in 1988, it had doors that dropped down into the high sills , like the window glass in a standard door.