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silky / шелковистый, вкрадчивый, бархатистый
имя прилагательное
silky, silken, satiny, flossy, sericeous
insinuating, smarmy, smooth, bland, silky, wheedling
velvety, velvet, silky, round
имя прилагательное
of or resembling silk, especially in being soft, fine, and lustrous.
the fur felt silky and soft
The soft silky fabric was cool on her warm skin.
I like the highlights they give me and they make my hair feel very soft and silky .
The skin is fried to a crisp, while the spices permeate the soft, silky flesh of the fish.
And after all that scrubbing the surface is silky soft.
The banana leaf is ready for it's next step when the top is shiny green/brown and has a silky texture.
Nevertheless, it looks, feels and sounds silky , and is simplicity itself.
One thing that cannot be ignored when listening to Pilate is Todd's silky voice.
Not exactly, but I've always had a soft spot for that silky sheen that comes with fresh plaster.
Cut the mushrooms in quarters and stir them in with the onions, letting it all cook until it's silky soft, yet barely coloured.
Although adept at the silky arts of persuasion, Cariappa was a soldier who spoke his mind.