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silken / шелковый, шелковистый, нежный
имя прилагательное
silk, silken
silky, silken, satiny, flossy, sericeous
tender, gentle, delicate, affectionate, soft, silken
имя прилагательное
made of silk.
a silken ribbon
The gown shone with a gleam of a thin layer of silken silver fabric that covered the light blue.
Alaska was always smiling with spontaneous gestures, had silken hair, soft, wrinkle free, natural skin that was most alluring.
Long, thin strands cascaded down her fine shoulders like silken laces of thread.
But he studied the young man with the dark complexion, noble aquilline nose, jet-black silken hair and deep, serious brown eyes, and knew he was telling the truth.
Glick moved toward her and placed a gentle, silken kiss on the soft down of her cheek.
She was wearing a sleeveless short silken white night gown and tapping her bare feet on the carpeted floors of the room.
The human is a pretty blonde one, in adequate physical health and possessing long, soft, silken hair the color of sunlight.
He wore all black by way of a silken shirt, leather pants and combat boots.
Standing at the top of the hill, just to the side of the open chain-link gate was a thin, petite female wearing various, silken veils that blew in the wind.
He remembered the soft sounds she had made and the silken feeling of her hair.