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silk / шелк, шелковая нить, королевский адвокат
имя существительное
шелковая нить
королевский адвокат
silk, king's counsel
имя прилагательное
silk, silken
имя существительное
a fine, strong, soft, lustrous fiber produced by silkworms in making cocoons and collected to make thread and fabric.
Laces were typically made from flax, silk, metal wrapped silk and some cotton and wool.
The robe was made of a dark blue silk that was so soft, so finely woven, that the person wearing it forgot that they were wearing anything at all.
The textile design graduate also specialises in producing scarves made from natural fibres such as silk and linen.
a silk shirt
Floral prints in combination with light, natural fibres like chiffon, silk and linen underscore this young and natural look.
She let her hand glide over the soft satin and silk wondering how it would feel against her skin.
I love the feel of natural fabrics; linen and silk are more lively and natural as well.
Lance's dark hair was sleekly combed, his clothes made from soft silk , and he wore well-fitted slacks that appeared to be brand new.
a silk shirt
After an outstanding career as a silk , your Honour was appointed to the New South Wales Court of Appeal in 2000.
His objects begin with a piece of fabric, most commonly silk , but sometimes linen or wool.