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silhouetted / изображать в виде силуэта, вырисовываться на фоне
изображать в виде силуэта
вырисовываться на фоне
cast or show (someone or something) as a dark shape and outline against a lighter background.
the castle was silhouetted against the sky
The twisting limbs of oak trees are silhouetted against a darkening sky as a nearly full moon rises in the east.
He was silhouetted by the bright sky behind him and yet Pen felt as if she had just seen his face.
He squinted against the bright sun that silhouetted the figure of the ship.
He was silhouetted against the outlines of the two empty beds across the room.
Sheet lightening turned on and off and silhouetted the palm trees for hours.
A tiny black dot is silhouetted against the massive bright disc that is the sun, moving slowly across the bottom.
Even though it was dark, the moonlight silhouetted the intricate stone outline of the school.
Two figures were silhouetted in the entrance, one short and stumpy, the other tall and lithe.
The figure standing outside in the rain was silhouetted , but it had to be Martin.
The door opened and a figure was silhouetted in the brightness from outside.