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silhouette / силуэт
имя существительное
изображать в виде силуэта
вырисовываться на фоне
имя существительное
the dark shape and outline of someone or something visible against a lighter background, especially in dim light.
The design of their silhouettes against the light background with full windows is reminiscent of a Japanese screen.
cast or show (someone or something) as a dark shape and outline against a lighter background.
the castle was silhouetted against the sky
‘You always manage to look beautiful,’ he complimented her, admiring her silhouette in the dim light.
The path wound its way to a summit; the route being marked by a chain of cairns, on the highest of which a trident had been placed so that its silhouette was visible from far below.
A silhouette shadowed the light for a moment, and then a torch bracket in the wall was lit.
The dark silhouette of an imposing dome, still covered with scaffolding, can be seen through a snowstorm.
I saw some footage of the dark silhouette of New York city: just the outline in the night.
she paused to see its silhouette against the dimming sky
we can always use a silhouette of Father Christmas
Tim was just starting to cross the grounds, the dark silhouette of the school outlined in the moonlight, when a gasping voice whispered in the shadows.
The new trick - the key to the work - is that Periton now underlays each black silhouette with an exact replica made in a dayglo tone of pink, orange, green or red.
Participants indicate the silhouette that most closely resembles their perceived body shape, and the silhouette which best represents their ideal figure.